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Students Who Rocked Public Health 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic created a “new normal” in 2020 that included controversial mitigation strategies such as masking up and staying home and became the country’s primary focus, punctuated by a summer of civil unrest, peaceful (and sometimes not so peaceful) protests, and a contentious presidential election. The student projects we’ve selected this year reflect the best of 2020 as students

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Ode to Public Health Academy: Urgent Call to Reform and Go Beyond Pretty Words

by Ans Irfan, MD, MPH Racism is a public health issue. Police violence is a public health issue. Social justice is a public health issue. Let us add a qualifying noun such as “structural” or “systematic” to strengthen our “response” to anti-Blackness and racism. Black lives matter. With some wordsmithing, some variation of these lines basically constitutes large chunks of

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Perspective Transformation: Learning to See Racism

by Sheryl Monks Racism is an urgent public health threat. We at the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice and JPHMP Direct have seen the evidence that systemic racism leads to shorter life spans among blacks and other people of color (POC) brought on by disease, violence, and accidents; greater socioeconomic disparities that result in fewer opportunities to gain

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