The Healthiest Goldfish with Sandro Galea

The Healthiest Goldfish with Sandro Galea

The healthiest goldfish is a metaphor.

Imagine you have a goldfish. You want it to be well, so you feed it good food, you tell it to swim around its bowl regularly to get exercise, and when it’s sick you give it the best goldfish medicine. Then one day you wake up to find your fish has died. What happened to your fish?

You forgot to change its water.

The water is the world around us; it is the power, politics, and places that shape our lives. Sandro Galea’s written works are about these underlying forces that form our health. Only if we change the water can we become the healthiest goldfish.

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The Healthiest Goldfish with Sandro Galea

Dr. Sandro Galea

Sandro Galea is Dean and Robert A. Knox Professor at the Boston University School of Public Health. He has been named an epidemiology innovator by Time, a top voice in healthcare by LinkedIn, and one of the most cited social scientists in the world. His writing and work are featured regularly in national and global public media. A native of Malta, he has served as a field physician for Doctors Without Borders and has held academic positions at Columbia University, University of Michigan, and the New York Academy of Medicine. His upcoming book, The Contagion Next Time, will be published in fall 2021 and is available for pre-order:

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