Public Health Pracademics

Public Health Pracademics will explore the intersection between academia and practice with an eye toward recognizing those already bridging this gap and encouraging others to embrace efforts to link science and practice.

Public Health Pracademics

Do you identify as a pracademic? I’d love to hear how you develop your practice and academic skills and expertise to contribute to advancing public health and achieving health equity.

Molly Gutilla, DrPH, MS

Molly J. Gutilla, DrPH, MS, is an Assistant Professor at Colorado State University, Colorado School of Public Health. She works to have her feet, head, and heart on the academic campus and immersed in public health practice. She has worked on campuses including The Ohio State University, Williams College and the University of Colorado. She also spends time in public health practice, working as a practitioner in both urban and rural local public health, with the state health department, and alongside the non-profit community in Colorado. Follow her on LinkedIn. [Full bio]

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