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What Can the State of Michigan Tell Us About the State of the Public Health Workforce?

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JP Leider, Director of the Center for Public Health Systems and Laura Power, Director of the Region V Public Health Training Center share highlights from the Michigan Premier Public Health Conference and issues related to the training needs facing Michigan public health practitioners.

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The Potential Value of Joint Health Assessments to Community Health

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Community health assessments (CHAs)/community health needs assessments (CHNAs) are an integral part of public health practice and are conducted regularly on behalf of communities across the US. Yet, while there are many examples of joint CHAs/CHNAs between Nonprofit Hospitals (NPHs) and Local Health Departments (LHDs)/State Health Agencies (SHAs) across the country, too many assessments are conducted with minimal involvement from their organizational counterparts, particularly among NPHs conducting CHNAs. Hank Stabler explains why NPHs are not involving LHDs/SHAs in their CHNAs.

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The Roles that Governmental Public Health Staff Can Play to Mitigate Climate Change

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Climate change is already here and not a threat in the distant future. As public health departments make plans for mitigating its impacts on the communities they serve, these climate considerations might help governmental public health workers in their current job responsibilities.

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