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Dobbs v Jackson: Now Is the Time for Prospective Public Health Measurement

Now is the time to set up to measure the impact of Dobbs v Jackson Supreme Court ruling within health departments. The Dobbs v Jackson Supreme Court ruling has shaken the foundations of public health in the United States (US). While we here at the University of Minnesota are physically located in a state with strong statutory protections for access to

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Reflections on the Power of Public Health Education Data Visualizations

These new dashboards from the Center for Public Health Systems at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health shed light on federal administrative data about post-secondary education in the US. These days, everybody has got a dashboard. Whether used for public communication or as a means of business analytics, data visualizations are everywhere (as, it seems, are memes about

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Health Department Community Health Workers: The Greatest Potential for Improving Population Health

CHWs are quickly becoming recognized as critical to improving population health, which is where health departments are shifting their focus as they strive to achieve the strategies laid out in the Public Health 3.0 model. Community health workers (CHWs) are an umbrella term that include community health representatives, promotoras, outreach educators, community health representatives, peer health promoters, and peer health

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The Complexity of Public Health Finance

Financing is complex, involving many laws, market driving forces, available resources, and tradeoffs for policy makers—a short-term investment may have long-term impacts. There are many options to finance public services, each with their strengths and weaknesses.  Securing adequate and sustainable financing for public health services has been a recurring topic in the media lately. Still, it has been a persistent,

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Governmental Public Health and Its Centrality in the US Public Health System: An Overview

Relatively little of our national conversation on health is about public health, which is right in line with our spending on public health; less than 3% of that spending goes toward governmental public health, ie public spending through federal, state, and local agencies and services provided by them. This post is also available on the Region V Public Health Training

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US News and World Report Releases New Public Health Program Rankings – But the Only Data Are Still Peer Popularity

Even though we are a field grounded in data – and even though there are plausible ways of measuring program quality through measures of tuition, job outcomes, debt, faculty-student ratios, and the like, US News and World Report continues to simply field these (closely watched) Rankings as a mere popularity contest. What’s in a Ranking? Not as much as one might

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