Leadership in Public Health Informatics

Public Health Leadership 9: Leadership in Public Health Informatics


Informatics has become central to the practice of public health. As a result, providing leadership in public health informatics represents a major opportunity with substantial challenges. In these columns, we offer a vision and strategies for creating an “informatics savvy health department” from thought leaders in the field. We address a frequent question: “What is Informatics?” Finally, we provide other columns on a range of leadership challenges, including making a strong business case for investment in public health information systems.

    1. The Health Alert Network — Partnerships, Politics and Preparedness (2005)
    2. Managing in the Information Age: Preventing “Electronic Fatigue Syndrome” (2006)
    3. Managing Information — Addressing A Central Challenge of the Public Health Enterprise (2013)
    4. Developing an Informatics Savvy Health Department- 5 columns (2014-19)
      1. Vision and Core Strategies (2014)
      2. Operations and Tactics (2015)
      3. Assessment and Governance (2017)
      4. Creating a Skilled Workforce (2017)
      5. Ensuring Well-Designed and Effectively Used Information Systems (2018)
    5. Building the Business Case for Public Health Information Systems (2016)
    6. What Is Informatics? (2016)
    7. The Information Imperative for Public Health — A Call to Action to Become Informatics-Savvy (2018)
    8. Building Informatics-Savvy Health Departments: The Systems Development Life Cycle (2019)
    9. Overcoming a Collective Failure of Imagination — How to Diagnose It and What to Do About It (2020)
    10. Modernizing Our Nation’s Public Health Information System: Toward an Integrated Approach (2021)
    11. New Directions in Public Health Surveillance: Using Electronic Health Records to Monitor Chronic Disease (2022)

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