Backstories in Epidemiology

Backstories in EpidemiologyBackstories in Epidemiology

JPHMP Direct introduces a new series of case studies called Backstories in Epidemiology: True Medical Mysteries, edited by Lloyd Novick, Carole Novick, and John Marr. Written in the spirit of Berton Roueche’s classic Eleven Blue Men and Other Narratives of Medical Detection, Backstories in Epidemiology will appeal to students, practitioners, and health professionals at all levels. Stay tuned for a new, true medical mystery, published each month here on JPHMP Direct.

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Read more Backstories in Epidemiology: True Medical Mysteries, coming soon:

  • “Bad Blood: The Gift of Giving,” a malaria outbreak in New York City
  • “Appendectomy Masquerade,” an epidemic initially attributed to appendicitis in upstate New York
  • “The Babies Are Dying,” newborn deaths in a West Virginia rural hospital nursery
  • “Clam Aches,” an outbreak at a church picnic from Maine clams
  • “Of Bites and Men: The Most Dangerous Urban Animal,” a story where the number of human bites exceeds shark bites