Leadership Library

by Ed Baker, MSC, MD, MPH

For over 15 years, the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice has published a regular column — The Management Moment — designed to provide busy public health practitioners with succinct summaries on the practice of public health leadership. Now, through JPHMP Direct, we offer compilations of these columns along with leader interviews on how to put concepts into practice. This JPHMP Direct Leadership Library is designed as a “one stop shop” resource for students in public health graduate schools, for public health agency staff, and for individual professionals engaged in coaching and mentoring activity.

We offer the JPHMP Direct Leadership Library with the hope that it will contribute to the growth and development of our nation’s public health leaders — our most vital resource.

  1. Core Concepts
    1. Leadership and Management–Guiding Principles, Best Practices and Core Attributes (2014)
    2. Practicing Management and Leadership: Vision, Strategy, Operations, Tactics (2010)
    3. The Evolution of a Leader (2011)
    4. Leading with Authenticity in Challenging Times (2011)
  2. Core Skills and Best Practices
    1. Listening to Understand: A Core Leadership Skill (2019)
    2. Asking Better Questions–A Core Leadership Skill (2020)
    3. Meetings, Meetings and More Meetings: Secrets for Effective Meetings (2006)
    4. Conducting Successful Virtual Meetings while Managing COVID Fatigue (2021)
  3. Coaching, Mentoring, and Sponsorship
    1. The Coach in You (2004)
    2. Coaching for Development: An Essential Leadership Tool (2012)
    3. Building a Coaching Culture–The Roles of Coaches, Mentors and Sponsors (2021)
    4. Connecting with Coaches, Mentors and Sponsors: Advice for the Emerging Leader (2021)
  4. Advocacy for Leaders: Crafting Better Messages
    1. Advocacy for Leaders: Crafting Richer Stories for Public Health (2016)
    2. Crafting Richer Public Health Messages for a Turbulent Political Environment (2017)
    3. Becoming Better Messengers: The Public Health Advantage (2019)
    4. Millennials as New Messengers for Public Health (2019)
  5. Advanced Concepts
    1. Managing the Boss (2005)
    2. Taking Programs to Scale (2010)
    3. Building Conflict Competence (2011)
    4. Boundary Spanning Leadership (2019)
  6. Job Transitions and Learning from Experience
    1. Succession Planning and Management in Public Health Practice (2013)
    2. The First 6 Months: Transitioning Into a New Position (2013)
    3. A Systematic Approach to Job Transitions (2020)
  7. Leadership During the COVID 19 Pandemic
    1. Thoughts on Adaptive Leadership during a Challenging Time (2020)
    2. Crisis Leadership–From the Haiti Earthquake to the COVID Pandemic (2020)
    3. Conducting Successful Virtual Meetings While Managing COVID Fatigue (2021)
    4. Leading in the COVID-19 Crisis: Challenges and Solutions for State Health Leaders (2021)