Leadership During COVID-19

Public Health Leadership: VII. Leadership During the COVID-19 Pandemic


At no time in the modern history of public health has leadership been more critical than during the COVID 19 pandemic. In these columns, we share a crisis leadership framework used by leaders to guide their daily practice in achieving situational awareness, making decisions in the face of uncertainty, communicating complex information to a range of audiences, managing the energy of their teams, and learning from these unprecedented experiences. We also offer a set of practical suggestions on the timely subject of conducting effective virtual meetings while managing “COVID fatigue.”

  1. Thoughts on Adaptive Leadership during a Challenging Time (2020)
  2. Crisis Leadership–From the Haiti Earthquake to the COVID Pandemic (2020)
  3. Conducting Successful Virtual Meetings While Managing COVID Fatigue (2021)
  4. Leading in the COVID-19 Crisis: Challenges and Solutions for State Health Leaders (2021)

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