About JPHMP Direct

Who We Are

JPHMP Direct is the companion site of the  Journal of Public Health Management and Practice. We highlight the latest research in public health management and practice, profile public health professionals, provide expert commentaries on topical public health issues, and develop resources for authors and students.

What We Do

Our multimedia products highlight the latest research published in the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice in the form of infographics, blog posts, podcast interviews, and informational videos that can be accessed freely by public health practitioners, used in classrooms, or shared on social media to provide greater access to evidence-based information.

Each month, we profile members of the public health workforce, from prominent health agency leaders and university staff to emerging professionals and students seeking career guidance. JPHMP Direct visitors will find a multitude of high-quality interviews, author Q&As, and profiles with top influencers in public health.

Our visitors will also find freely available, practical information and expertise they can use in the field or discuss in the classroom. We offer nearly two dozen columns by leading public health experts that take the shape of commentaries, practical advice, case studies, best practices, and proven strategies on topics that include accreditation, biostatistics and data, epidemiology, health department management, informatics, law and ethics, “pracademic” matters, scholarship (including doctoral and master’s degree studies), workforce development, writing and publishing, and much more. The advice is practical and evidence-based, but it’s also engaging. 

Everything on JPHMP Direct is free and offered in a variety of formats for ease of use. We offer three podcast series that can be listened to on the go. Our infographics distill complex research that can be easily stored or displayed for reference. Our videos and tutorials add context and depth to information in ways that bring topics to life. Please contact us if we can assist you with our tools and resources.

Terms of Use

Please feel free to re-publish content published on this site. There’s no need to contact us so long as photos, tables, charts, and other images are credited to their original source, if information is provided, and a link is included indicating that the content originally appeared here on JPHMPDirect.com

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