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Journal Public Health Management Practice JPHMP Direct is the multimedia companion site of the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice. The Journal of Public Health Management and Practice, a bimonthly peer-reviewed journal, is guided by a multidisciplinary editorial board of administrators, practitioners, and scientists. JPHMP publishes in a wide range of population health topics, including research to practice; emergency preparedness; bioterrorism; infectious disease surveillance; environmental health; community health assessment; chronic disease prevention and health promotion; and academic-practice linkages. Recognized as the leading practice-based public health journal, the Journal of Public Health Management & Practice has recently published focus issues defining the public health workforce, performance management, and bridging the research-to-practice gap.

JPHMP Direct features exclusive interviews with Journal authors, as well as series of original columns, videos, podcasts, and much more, designed to engage a deeper conversation with public health thought leaders, researchers, practitioners, students, and readers. Join JPHMP Direct as we build an online community for advances in public health.

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