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Extra Extra, Read All About It: University Rankings Would Be Helpful Except that They Are Currently Trash

Not all schools and programs want to be ranked. Reasonably so – it is inherently a game of winners and losers. But, given the strong desire for straightforward, accessible ‘quality’ metrics, if we had to do Rankings or ratings, how could we do better by potential students, faculty and staff, and alumni? Learn more: I get the sense that

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Announcing the Consortium for Workforce Research in Public Health (CWORPH) 

There are several of these health workforce research centers in the country, but there’s never before been one for public health until now with the establishment of the Consortium for Workforce Research in Public Health (CWORPH).

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Beyond the 80,000 Estimate: Calculate How Many FTEs your Health Department Needs

The Public Health Workforce Calculator is a tool to help local health departments with workforce planning efforts by utilizing information provided about the local health department to estimate the number of full-time equivalents (FTEs) needed to ensure the provision of the Foundational Public Health Services. 

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