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Dr. Abigail Gamble Discusses Healthy Child and Maternal Outcomes for Teen Moms in Mississippi

by Camelia Singletary, MPH JPHMP presents Public Health Perspectives, a podcast series targeted towards strengthening the future public health workforce. We will explore the narratives of public health care professionals and gain insight on career paths that shape the profession.  In this episode of Public Health Perspectives, Dr. Abigail Gamble joins the show to talk about her community-engaged research that focuses

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Diversifying Data: A Precision Medicine Approach to Improving Health Outcomes

by Kimberly Rodgers, MA, and Gulzar Shah, PhD, MStat, MS Health Informatics Innovations and Applications highlights ways that health informatics innovations and applications are supporting stakeholders in public health practice and policy to advance their mission of improved population health. The series will also highlight innovations in health care informatics.   America spends more than double on health care per person

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The Free Prescription Doctors Are Writing to Lower Anxiety and Stress

by Elena Vidrascu, MSc Preventing America’s Next Drug Epidemic: A Multidisciplinary Approach is a series designed to introduce the many facets of substance abuse, and how integrating the work of multiple partners may be the best approach towards prevention and treatment. You don’t need to go to Walmart to get this prescription filled. It’s all around us, yet we miss

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Investigating Risk Factors for Colorectal Cancer Among Alaska Native People: Podcast with Drs. Sarah Nash and Diana Redwood

Podcast Nash Redwood Tribal

by Sheryl Monks “[A]lthough our research study was specifically looking at risk and protective factors for colorectal cancer, the themes that we found through doing this formative research were things that I think all researchers might benefit from when they are working with tribal communities.” Tribal Epidemiology Centers (TECs) were first established in 1996 by the Indian Health Service (IHS)

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Crafting Richer Messages and Being More Credible Messengers

by Ed Baker, MSc, MD, MPH Drawing upon the popular column published in the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice, Management Moments with Public Health Leaders is a new series appearing bimonthly on JPHMP Direct and will consist of video interviews with authors appearing in the column. Public health makes life easier for people. That, we know. But convincing populations

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Preventing Water Contamination: Potential Solutions in the United States

by Danielle St. Hilaire The following post is the result of a classroom writing assignment by Dr. Erika Martin at the University at Albany-SUNY who required students to write a commentary on a health-related topic of interest, explaining some of the complexities of solving the problem and offering recommendations. Three commentaries have been selected for publication on JPHMP Direct this year. Here,

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Investing Early to Prevent Hepatitis A Outbreaks Among People Living Homeless

Prevent Hepatitis A Homeless

by Patty Hayes, RN, MN This post is published with permission from Big Cities Health Coalition and originally appeared on the Front Lines Blog. Please visit Big Cities Health Coalition and the Front Lines Blog for more information about the work they’re doing to improve population health. In recent years, urban areas in the US have been grappling with hepatitis A

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The Wide World of Public Health: Spotlight on Dr. JP Leider

JPHMP Spotlight JP Leider

by Sheryl Monks “[A]s an undergraduate I studied ethics and genetics, so not terribly applied in the way that public health is, and I found that that’s what I loved about it, that there were things that you could do that would really impact a population and that the questions were really tough.” Today, we are shining the spotlight on

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Are Health Professional Worksites Promoting Well-being?

by Jay Maddock, PhD Mad About Public Health is a series that looks at the health of populations from varying creative and innovative perspectives. This post looks at worksite well-being. You might also enjoy Dr. Maddock’s previous series, From the Dean’s Perspective.  As public health professionals, many of us spend our time trying to get people to be healthier, move

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