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COVID-19 Stimulus Package, Direct Money Payments, and Scarcity

by Gregory S. Schober, PhD The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act was signed into law in the United States on March 27. The CARES Act is the third major legislative package aimed at combatting the negative health and economic consequences of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). It also is the largest economic stimulus package in American history.      

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Cooperative Extension as a Public Health Partner in COVID-19 Outreach

by David R. Buys, PhD, MSPH, CPH A Brief History The Cooperative Extension Service has deep roots in every county across the United States; this Extension infrastructure was formalized through the Smith-Lever Act in 1914 to serve as the outreach and non-formal education branch of the Land Grant University system. Early Extension professionals focused on community-based education to enhance the

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The Impact of State and Local Sodium Reduction Laws

by Katherine Bishop Kendrick Most of the sodium we eat comes from processed, prepackaged, and restaurant foods, not the salt we add in our home cooking. It’s easy to consume much more than the recommended amounts because we don’t have control over the sodium in many of our foods. Since sodium is “hidden” within our diets, addressing sodium intake at

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Creating Impactful Stroke Systems of Care Policies

by Colby Tiner, MA Read “Establishing a Baseline: Evidence-Supported State Laws to Advance Stroke Care” in Advancing Legal Epidemiology, March 2020 As a public health policy expert who specializes in issues affecting cardiovascular systems of care, the lion’s share of my work focuses on evaluating current policies targeting population health and how they can be improved. Effective policy implementation and

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The Consequences of Preemption on Population Health

by Jennifer L. Pomeranz, JD, MPH Public health is often considered controversial because the interests of population health may not align with those of individuals or businesses. Despite this, deference to public health authorities and policies for contagious disease generally remains high. However, there is much less deference to these same institutions and approaches when addressing chronic disease associated with

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Public Health Perspectives Podcast: Educating the Future of Legal Epidemiology

PH Perspectives Legal Epidemiology

by Camelia Singletary, MPH Public Health Perspectives is a podcast series targeted towards strengthening the future public health workforce by exploring the narratives of public health care professionals to gain insight on career paths that shape the profession.  In this episode of Public Health Perspectives, Lindsay Cloud and Lance Gable discuss legal epidemiology. Lindsay Cloud is the director of the

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Food Access Improved for WIC Participants Using Spatial Analysis

by Jonathan Davis, MA; Mindy Jossefides, RD; Travis Lane, BA; David Pijawka, PhD; Mallory Phelps, BS; and Jamie Ritchey, PhD, MPH The time needed to travel to stores to access healthy food can be a burden for many families, particularly in rural areas and urban areas located in food deserts. This problem is further exacerbated in tribal communities where the

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Infographic: Defining Legal Epidemiology for Practice

by Colleen Barbero, Lindsay K. Cloud, Lance Gable, Siobhan Gilchrist, Bethany Saxon Law is indispensable to public health management and practice. The field of legal epidemiology has emerged to provide public health law and non-lawyer professionals with the research tools to conduct timely and rigorous evaluations of the impact of law and legal practices on health. The field also helps

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Coronavirus Spreads Concern Around the Globe

Coronavirus Spreads Concern Globally

by Sheryl Monks Dr. John Marr is an American physician, epidemiologist, and author whose professional life has concerned outbreaks of infectious disease for over 40 years. He specializes in historical epidemics (see Backstories in Epidemiology: True Medical Mysteries). We communicated with Dr. Marr by email to get his expert opinion on the spread of Novel Coronavirus (recently named COVID-19 by

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Seven Things You Should Know about Legal Epidemiology

by Colleen Barbero, Lindsay K. Cloud, Lance Gable, Siobhan Gilchrist, Bethany Saxon Legal epidemiology is the scientific study of law as a factor in the cause, distribution, and prevention of disease and injury in a population. In the United States, 9 of the top 10 leading causes of death are caused by chronic diseases (cardiovascular disease, cancer, chronic obstructive lung

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