Climate Motifs

Climate Motifs primarily explores the complex intersection of public health, climate change, and society through integrative multidisciplinary lenses such as health equity, social critique, critical inquiry, political economy, philosophy, ethics, and sociocultural anthropology.  

Ans Irfan, MD, EdD, DrPH, MPH

Ans Irfan, MD, EdD, DrPH, MPH, is a public health scholar-practitioner currently based at Harvard University where he is exploring the intersection of religion and public health policies with an emphasis on climate action. He also serves as a faculty member at George Washington University. He is a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health Policy Research Scholar. Recent projects include: climate innovation and information technology; climate change and farmworkers’ mental health equity; intersection of theology and public health; traffic wardens and climate adaptation in Pakistan; evaluation of physicians’ training on climate change and health. He can be contacted at Twitter:@phscientist

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