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Variation of State-Issued Nonpharmaceutical Interventions During the Pandemic

The proportion of the US population subject to state-issued COVID-19 prevention measures varied greatly throughout the pandemic. During periods of high disease transmission and low coverage of state-issued measures, local or federal interventions may provide additional layers of protection if local or federal governments can issue prevention policies for their jurisdictions. Research demonstrates that early, sustained, and layered implementation of

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Public Health Training Centers Partner with Community Health Worker Organizations to Train and Support the CHW Workforce

Public Health Training Center (PHTC) case studies demonstrate how partnering with Community Health Worker (CHW) supporting organizations can leverage existing training capacity (in Needs Assessment, Training Development and Delivery, and Student Placement in applied practice) to elevate the vital CHW workforce. There is growing evidence that CHWs can improve their clients’ health behaviors and health outcomes, particularly within vulnerable communities,

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Greater Awareness and Implementation of Routine Testing for Early Identification of Chronic Hepatitis B – Latent Tuberculosis Co-Infection Is Needed

Early identification of CHB-LTBI co-infection could guide clinicians to modify management of both CHB and LTBI to reduce the risk of drug-induced liver injury. Chronic hepatitis B (CHB) and latent tuberculosis (LTBI) remain major infectious diseases that contribute to significant morbidity and mortality worldwide. While both CHB and LTBI manifest with different clinical phenotypes, with one being primarily a liver

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September 2022: Health Equity in Healthy People 2030

Editor in chief Lloyd F. Novick highlights new articles in the September/October 2022 issues of the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice. This September issue of the Journal of Public Health Practice and Management contains a special section “Health Equity in Healthy People 2030.” A commentary by Bishop and Reed points to the long-standing systemic inequities resulting in the

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New Data Insights: Adverse Childhood Experiences, Climate Change, Preparedness, and More

This entry is part 33 of 42 in the series Focus on Accreditation and Innovation

The PHAB Research and Evaluation team shares examples of accreditation insights found via the Data Portal and other PHAB data sources related to ACEs, climate change, and preparedness. Almost two years ago, the Public Health Accreditation Board introduced our new Data Portal, a data visualization tool to explore accredited health department performance data. Users can explore data related to Standards

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Filling an Evaluation Gap: A Framework for Evaluating Community Health Worker Programs

Public health practitioners can use this flexible framework to guide the evaluation of the process and outcomes of a Community Health Worker (CHW) program. Facilitating evaluation of community health worker programs Evaluation is key to improving public health programs and maximizing program effectiveness. Public health professionals, however, do not always have the time, skills, or resources to design and conduct

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Dobbs v Jackson: Now Is the Time for Prospective Public Health Measurement

This entry is part 13 of 40 in the series Wide World of Public Health Systems

Now is the time to set up to measure the impact of Dobbs v Jackson Supreme Court ruling within health departments. The Dobbs v Jackson Supreme Court ruling has shaken the foundations of public health in the United States (US). While we here at the University of Minnesota are physically located in a state with strong statutory protections for access to

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Podcast: Using Implementation Science to Promote Equitable HIV-Related Outcomes in the US and Africa

The second installment of this limited podcast series focuses on the value of implementation science for advancing health equity and how Dr. Donaldson Conserve, a Haitian scientist, is using his research to improve HIV/AIDS related outcomes in multiple countries including the US, Tanzania, and Haiti. Welcome to another episode of Health Equity in High Definition, a podcast series that showcases

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