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Reflections on the Power of Public Health Education Data Visualizations

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These new dashboards from the Center for Public Health Systems at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health shed light on federal administrative data about post-secondary education in the US. These days, everybody has got a dashboard. Whether used for public communication or as a means of business analytics, data visualizations are everywhere (as, it seems, are memes about

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Exploring COVID-19 Contact Tracing Program Dynamics in the Context of an Evolving Pandemic

Results from state/territorial health agency surveys provide insights to how COVID-19 case investigation and contact tracing programs developed and evolved in response to changing pandemic conditions. In our article in the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice, “COVID-19 Case Investigation and Contact Tracing Programs and Practice: Snapshots from the Field,” we aimed to characterize how case investigation and contact

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Infographic: Marijuana & Tobacco Smoke Incursions in NYC Housing During the Pandemic

Systemic inequities have led to greater exposure to home indoor environmental hazards such as secondhand tobacco smoke, mold, and pests among low-income children. My co-authors and I recently published an article in the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice that examines disparities in marijuana and tobacco smoke incursions during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, when children were

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Call for Applications: Interest Group Advisory Committee

AcademyHealth Call for Nominations Are you interested in providing leadership to the field of Public Health Services and Systems Research? Is AcademyHealth on your conference circuit? If so, please consider nominating yourself to AcademyHealth’s PHSSR Interest Group advisory committee! Your volunteer work will place you alongside your peers in the field to plan and develop engagement activities for the PHSSR

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Public Health Informatics Leadership to Improve Health Outcomes: An Interview with Dr. David A. Ross

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In this leadership video, Dr. Ed Baker talks with David A. Ross, ScD, Chief Executive Officer and President of The Task Force for Global Health. As a companion to this series of columns on leadership in public health informatics, we present an interview from 2022 with Dr. Dave Ross, a preeminent pioneer in the field of public health informatics. His personal

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A Tribute to Dr. Kristine Gebbie

Dr. Kristine Gebbie served on the inaugural editorial board of the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice, contributing and tirelessly reviewing articles. Those of us at the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice (JPHMP) mourn the passing of Kristine Gebbie, DrPH, RN, recognizing her as an exceptional public health advocate, leader, and policy expert. Most important was her

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Do Public Health Professionals Want to Address Their Gaps in Competency? It Depends on Job Level

Public health professionals are expected to engage in trainings to address competency gaps in core public health domains, but among professionals in non-management positions, gaps in competency often predicted disinterest in ameliorative training.  Experts agree that competency in multiple core domains (analysis, leadership, communication, etc.) is desirable for public health professionals. Nevertheless, research indicates that the majority lack such competency.

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Lessons Learned Through the Implementation of a Large-Scale COVID-19 Contact Tracing Program

The integration of COVID-19 contact tracing (CT) with support services may have improved cases’ adherence with isolation guidelines and diminish pandemic-related hardships. Despite this, the timing of CT relative to infectiousness and difficulty eliciting non-household contacts may have attenuated the intervention’s effect. Case investigation and contact tracing (CI/CT) programs were widely implemented during the first years of the COVID-19 epidemic

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