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Students Who Rocked Public Health: Olivia Nathan

Last month, Olivia Nathan, an online student in Ohio State University’s MPH Program for Experienced Professionals, was listed as one of 13 Students Who Rocked Public Health in 2021 for her work as a community engagement pharmacist with Equitas Health (EH) and one of the lead pharmacists administering COVID-19 vaccines to patients in the King Lincoln District of Columbus, Ohio. Here,

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Post-COVID Public Health Workforce Planning: Now Is the Time to Begin

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Post-COVID recovery of the public health workforce should begin as soon as possible. These questions may help guide your planning. January 20, 2020, will forever be etched into history books as the first confirmed COVID-19 case in the United States. The country declared a public health emergency less than two weeks later. Over the next several weeks, almost everyone’s jobs

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Improving Public Health by Utilizing a Systems Change Lens

JPHMP Editor-in-chief Lloyd Novick speaks with Kristina Y. Risley and Christina R. Welter about best practices for enacting change at different levels while describing the factors, processes, skills, and tools required for leading complex change.  We live in an increasingly complex world. Against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, deepening racial, health, and social inequities have only accentuated this complexity. More

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Reimagining and Transforming Governmental Public Health Infrastructure and Systems

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The 21st Century Learning Community (21C) is a group of states systematically working to transform their governmental public health systems, and PHNCI convenes these states to provide support and a space for them to share, generate efficiencies, and learn from one another’s successes and failures. Health departments provide public health protections and services in a number of areas, including preventing

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It’s Been Quite a Week in Legislation for the Public Health Workforce

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Legislation from Smith et al and Murray & Burr are so important because it recognizes that public health should be treated like other in-demand health professions like nursing and incent recruitment into education and workforce appropriately. I have a brother who is a generation younger than I am. In 2013, as a youngin’, he visited my partner and me in

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March 2022: Public Health Surveillance

This March issue of the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice focuses on public health surveillance. The lead editorial by Jeffrey Bethel describes wastewater surveillance as a powerful tool in monitoring communicable disease. This innovative technique is now being used for COVID-19 surveillance to determine the spread of this pathogen in communities. Researchers have found a correlation between occurrence

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