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Public Health, Pandemics, and Intellectualization of Violence

This elitist narrative diminishes the perceived impact of the social violence being wrought by COVID-19 by portraying it as mild, less dangerous, and endemic in an attempt to lower the public’s expectations of governmental action and thereby raising social acceptability of daily mass death. “The obviousness of disaster becomes an asset to its apologists — what everyone knows no one

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Climate Crisis & Structural Racism — Peas in a Pod: Urgent Need for Climate Competent Care as a Structural Competency to Advance Climate Medicine

It is critical to approach climate medicine with a structural lens rather than a narrowly focused approach of climate-health knowledge alone that does not connect this existential threat to the broader socio-political ecosystem in which we function. Climate negotiations (COP26) in Glasgow, Scotland, this November were some of the most consequential in human history in determining our collective path forward

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Climate Accords: Potent Structural Determinants of Health

The enormity and complexity of the climate crisis requires public health to step up and draw not only from its usual disciplinary strengths but also from fields of anthropology, sociology, social ethics, and philosophy to propose solutions that center human rights and health equity in climate negotiations and eventual climate agreements. With the COVID-19 pandemic raging due to willful governmental

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