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The Roles that Governmental Public Health Staff Can Play to Mitigate Climate Change

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Climate change is already here and not a threat in the distant future. As public health departments make plans for mitigating its impacts on the communities they serve, these climate considerations might help governmental public health workers in their current job responsibilities.

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New Data Insights: Adverse Childhood Experiences, Climate Change, Preparedness, and More

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The PHAB Research and Evaluation team shares examples of accreditation insights found via the Data Portal and other PHAB data sources related to ACEs, climate change, and preparedness. Almost two years ago, the Public Health Accreditation Board introduced our new Data Portal, a data visualization tool to explore accredited health department performance data. Users can explore data related to Standards

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Climate Crisis & Structural Racism — Peas in a Pod: Urgent Need for Climate Competent Care as a Structural Competency to Advance Climate Medicine

It is critical to approach climate medicine with a structural lens rather than a narrowly focused approach of climate-health knowledge alone that does not connect this existential threat to the broader socio-political ecosystem in which we function. Climate negotiations (COP26) in Glasgow, Scotland, this November were some of the most consequential in human history in determining our collective path forward

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The Challenge of Slow-burning Threats

The Healthiest Goldfish with Sandro Galea

We knew a pandemic was coming. Yet we were not prepared. How can we avoid this failure in the face of other looming issues, like climate change? This post originally appeared on The Healthiest Goldfish with Sandro Galea and is republished here with permission from the author. Learn more at SandroGalea.org. A few weeks ago, the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, known

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Students Who Rocked Public Health 2019: Raj P. Fadadu 

Last December, Raj P. Fadadu, a MS/MD candidate at UC Berkeley School of Public Health/UC San Francisco (UCSF) School of Medicine, was listed as one of 13 Students Who Rocked Public Health in 2019 for his innovative research on the relatively unexplored connection between pollution and skin health. Here, he describes his efforts in more detail. Follow along each month as

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Health Behaviors: Not Just for Chronic Diseases Anymore

by Jay Maddock, PhD For many of us trained in health promotion and health behavior change, our focus tends to focus on the prevention of chronic disease. Much of the funded research and the educational component of health promotion focuses on behaviors like increasing physical activity, improving diet, and reducing or eliminating substance use including tobacco, alcohol and other drugs.

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Preparing Health Departments for Climate Change: Podcast with Elena Grossman and Emily York

In this episode of JPHMP Direct Talk, authors Elena Grossman and Emily York discuss their article, “Minigrants to Local Health Departments: An Opportunity to Promote Climate Change Preparedness,” published in the March/April 2019 issue of the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice.                       Preparing Climate Change Podcast As temperatures continue

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Students Who Rocked Public Health 2018

Students of Public Health: Voices & Profiles focuses on research projects and other contributions students are making to advance public health. 2018 may go down as one of the most tumultuous years this decade, what with the ongoing Russia investigation, the upset of the midterm elections, sexual abuse and misconduct allegations that fueled the #metoo movement, battles to control the Supreme Court,

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