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Rural Public Health Systems Discourse – Ongoing Challenges, Few Solutions

The Wide World of Public Health Systems

Given the shortage of workers in today’s post-COVID economy, all LHDs—urban and rural—are facing workforce gaps and finding it hard to recruit staff. However, the challenges to rural LHDs are compounded by their being under-funded. Several years ago, when my friend had to be taken by air ambulance from North Dakota to Minneapolis to get prompt treatment for severe frost

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Infographic: How to Build a Pandemic-Ready Public Health System

A new commentary published in a special JPHMP supplement COVID-19 and Public Health: Looking Back, Moving Forward describes the limited capabilities of the US public health response to COVID-19. “Four Steps to Building the Public Health System Needed to Cope With the Next Pandemic” explains how our failure to invest in our nation’s state and local governmental public health infrastructure,

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Reflecting on the Past to Divine a Better Future for Public Health

Public health has undergone definition and redefinition in the US since the Union’s conception two centuries ago. There are plenty of definitions to go around. My favorite, hands down, comes from a CEA Winslow, the founder of the Yale School of Public Health and an eminent public health researcher in the last century. One hundred years ago this January, he

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What’s the Deal with Public Health Funding?

I woke up this morning and decided the question of public health funding deserved the Jerry Seinfeld treatment. Like my colleagues who do disaster planning and are in public health more generally, I get many questions each day about COVID-19 and what the average citizen should do. Make no mistake, these questions are coming from a reasoned and reasonable place.

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