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Grad Student Helps Develop Website to Help Hurricane Victims Determine Toxic Waste Impact in Their Neighborhoods

by Rae Lynn Mitchell Students of Public Health: Voices & Profiles focuses on research projects and other contributions students are making to advance public health. STUDENT PROFILES — When Hurricane Harvey made landfall in 2017, homes were obliterated and floodwaters were left everywhere near its impact, with water redistributing dangerous chemicals and toxic waste endangering the health of Houston residents. Pablo

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How Can Schools of Public Health Provide Surge Capacity?

by Jay Maddock, PhD The Dean’s Perspective focuses on issues pertinent to the relationship between academic public health and the practice community. Over the last month, we have witnessed catastrophic hurricane landfalls in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico. Here in College Station, Texas, we waited out three feet of rain from Hurricane Harvey while we watched as our nearest city,

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