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How Can Public Health Agencies Prevent Infectious Diseases Among People Experiencing Homelessness? What we learned from three Centers of Excellence on Public Health and Homelessness

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Public health agencies can prevent infectious diseases among people experiencing homelessness by strengthening partnerships, improving data systems and identifying the most pressing health needs of this population.

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Practice Report Summaries for the March 2022 Issue

JPHMP Practice Report Summaries for March 2022

Summaries of select practice articles published in the March 2022 issue of the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice. An Evaluation of Syndromic Surveillance Related Practices among Selected State and Local Health Agencies by Romano, Sebastian MPH; Yusuf, Hussain MD, MPH; Davis, Cassandra MPH; Thomas, Mathew J. MPH; Grigorescu, Violanda MD, MSPH This report focuses on the recent practices of

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From the Editor: Public Health Surveillance of Infectious Disease Attention to COVID-19

by Lloyd F. Novick, MD, MPH The November-December issue of the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice focuses on surveillance of infectious disease attention to COVID-19. As this issue goes to press, the presidential election is on the near horizon. The decision of the electorate on choosing the next president has public health implications. This is reflected in the lead scientific

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The Editor’s Podcast: Public Health Surveillance

by Lloyd F. Novick, MD, MPH The Editor’s Podcast with Dr. Lloyd F. Novick appears with each new issue of the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice and offers a closer look at the articles published in the latest issues with guest appearances by authors, guest editors, and others. The November-December issue of the Journal of Public Health Management and

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Responding to the Homeless Community During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Lessons from King County, WA

COVID-19 presents challenges to many vulnerable and underserved communities. This is particularly true of individuals living homeless, a population that faces unique challenge to disease mitigation, testing and disease management. King County, WA, which includes Seattle, experienced the first outbreak of COVID-19 in the United States. With more than 11,000 individuals experiencing homelessness, approximately 1/3 of whom live in shelters,

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Investing Early to Prevent Hepatitis A Outbreaks Among People Living Homeless

Prevent Hepatitis A Homeless
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by Patty Hayes, RN, MN This post is published with permission from Big Cities Health Coalition and originally appeared on the Front Lines Blog. Please visit Big Cities Health Coalition and the Front Lines Blog for more information about the work they’re doing to improve population health. In recent years, urban areas in the US have been grappling with hepatitis A

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Homelessness Among Individuals with Disabilities: Influential Factors and Scalable Solutions

homelessness among individuals disabilities

by Erin Vinoski Thomas, PhD, CHES; and Chloe Vercruysse, MBA This post is re-published with permission from NACCHO Voice: The Word on Local Health Departments, a blog by the National Association of City and County Health Officials. NACCHO’s mission is to be a leader, partner, catalyst, and voice for local health departments. This post originally ran in NACCHO Essential Elements blog.

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