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Thoughts on Adaptive Leadership During the COVID-19 Pandemic

by Edward L. Baker MD, MPH; Robert Irwin, MA; and Gene Matthews, JD As public health leaders around the globe work to provide leadership in these challenging times, each day will present new or recurring leadership challenges. Some lessons learned from prior outbreaks may serve as useful guideposts. However, the coronavirus outbreak has, in important respects, presented unprecedented challenges. Therefore,

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Crafting Richer Messages and Being More Credible Messengers

by Ed Baker, MSc, MD, MPH Drawing upon the popular column published in the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice, Management Moments with Public Health Leaders is a new series appearing bimonthly on JPHMP Direct and will consist of video interviews with authors appearing in the column. Public health makes life easier for people. That, we know. But convincing populations

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Introducing Management Moments with Public Health Leaders: An Interview with Gene Matthews, JD

Welcome to the debut installment of Management Moments with Public Health Leaders. Our first guest is Gene Matthews, JD, a senior investigator at the NC Institute for Public Health, where he conducts legal research and provides technical assistance to public health practitioners on legal topics. He is also the Director of the Southeastern Regional Center of the Network for Public Health

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