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On Stigma, Public Health, and Narrative Ethics

by Daniel S. Goldberg, JD, PhD One of the books I love teaching above all else is Judith Walzer Leavitt’s fabulous Typhoid Mary: Captive to the Public’s Health. This is a spectacular book, and my students regularly confirm this perspective. It is one of those rare texts that manages to satisfy the scholarly standards expected by professional historians of medicine and public

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Can Public Health Scientists and Stakeholders Perform Their Professional Duties Effectively and Advocate?

 by Daniel S. Goldberg, JD, PhD The New York Times Magazine recently ran an extensive feature on Mark Edwards, “The Troublemaker Scientist,” and explored a number of questions related to his activities, one of which was the extent to which a public health scientist can produce good quality work at the same time the scientist advocates forcefully in the public

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