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Moral Injury on the Frontlines in Public Health: Balancing the Needs of Our Communities and Ourselves

Today, as the pandemic enters yet another phase, the frontline public health workforce faces a different threat: moral injury. The COVID-19 pandemic has been battering the hearts and souls of public health workers for over a year and a half. Many of us on the frontline felt a hint of relief when we were able to see the Herculean vaccination

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Why Some Doctors Are Prescribing a Day in the Park or a Walk on the Beach for Good Health

by Jay Maddock, PhD Mad About Public Health is a series that looks at the health of populations from varying creative and innovative perspectives. This article originally appeared on The Conversation and is posted here with permission from the author. Taking a walk on a wooded path, spending an afternoon in a public park, harvesting your backyard garden and even

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