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What Does a Manuscript Rejection Really Mean? (Probably Not What You Think)

by Justin B. Moore, PhD, MS, FACSM As I’ve mentioned previously, science is a failure business. Whether it’s a manuscript, a job search, or a grant application, the odds are that you’ll experience one or more rejections on the way to success. But what does rejection mean in this context? Does it mean you’re a bad writer, a bad candidate,

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On-Demand Training: Introduction to Practice-Based Publishing

Practice-based research is at the core of the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice (JPHMP) mission. Practitioners are doing good and important work, inside and outside COVID-19 response, and are doing work that the broader community might benefit from learning more about. State and local public health practitioners are a primary readership of the journal and, increasingly, are also

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The Editor’s Podcast: Publishing in Academic Journals

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In this podcast, Dr. Lloyd Novick, editor-in-chief of the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice, shares information about publishing in academic journals, including the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice. This information may be useful to students and others interested in writing a scientific article for a peer-reviewed academic journal. Read this Episode’s Transcript: Recognition must be given

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Selecting the “Best” Journal as an Outlet for Your Work

by Justin B. Moore, PhD, MS, FACSM The Scholarship of Public Health addresses topics relevant to scientific publishing, dissemination of evidence and best practices, and the education of current and future professionals. This column presents some considerations and best practices when producing an abstract for your manuscript or presentation. This post looks at selecting the “best” journal as an outlet

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