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Giving a Voice to Public Health Practitioners: An Interview with JPHMP Founding Editor Dr. Lloyd F. Novick

by Sheryl Monks, MFA For 25 years, the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice has captured the most pressing issues in public health practice, including the movement for health department accreditation, public health preparedness, workforce development, and quality improvement, and at the same time, it has given a voice to public health practitioners. Dr. Lloyd Novick, who founded the

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Five Things You Should Know About PH WINS

by Katie Sellers, DrPH, CPH PH WINS is the first nationally representative survey of the governmental public health workforce. Just about every article in the supplement starts out this way, so I feel like a broken record doing the same. But it’s really important – the reason the de Beaumont Foundation started PH WINS is that there was so little

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