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How Performance Improvement Can Support COVID Response 

by David Stone, MS, CPLP Think you’ve heard enough about COVID? I know you’re probably exhausted from it, but public health is still both battling it and learning from it. We’ll continue to learn well beyond when the pandemic has ended. And a key method for that learning is through the sharing of peer experiences.   On February 10, PHAB hosted a webinar titled “Advancing Public Health Performance in Times of COVID-19: Insights

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Why Performance Improvement Still Matters in Your Health Department

by David Stone, MS, CPTD The past year was one like most of us in public health have never experienced before. Certainly, much was learned about our public health practices. Some were upheld, others were revised, and still others were moments of growth. While there were plenty of issues to dissect from 2020, I’m going to start the year by

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