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Trends in Florida’s 2020 COVID-19 Experience: Politics

by Patrick Bernet and Leighton Dupree Pandemics travel through social connections, testing the mettle of communities.  Arriving amidst a contentious presidential campaign, COVID-19 became part of the rhetoric, polarizing communities at a time when a shared commitment was most needed to save lives. Offering 29 electoral votes and polling as the closest contest among the five largest states, Florida received

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Trends in Florida’s 2020 COVID-19 Experience: Race, Ethnicity, and Nativity

by Patrick Bernet, PhD With Florida’s COVID-19 infection rates still raging in early 2021, this second offering from a three-part miniseries explores the influence of race, ethnicity, and nativity.  Each has been linked to outcomes at the individual level, but as community level characteristics, the effects can differ dramatically. (The first entry in this trilogy focuses on the impact of

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Trends in Florida’s 2020 COVID-19 Experience

by Patrick Bernet, PhD Florida’s 2020 COVID-19 experience offers many lessons regarding how the social, demographic, political, and economic attributes of communities affect their vulnerability to pandemic health threats. The timing, size, and geographic locus of infection waves is strongly associated with those community characteristics acting directly and through interaction with one another in ways that can either insulate or

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