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Students Who Rocked Public Health 2018

Students of Public Health: Voices & Profiles focuses on research projects and other contributions students are making to advance public health. 2018 may go down as one of the most tumultuous years this decade, what with the ongoing Russia investigation, the upset of the midterm elections, sexual abuse and misconduct allegations that fueled the #metoo movement, battles to control the Supreme Court,

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Never Quit Trying: Reengaging Tobacco Users in Statewide Cessation Services (Infographic)

A new article published in the May 2018 issue of the Journal of Public Health Management & Practice examines the effectiveness of multiple outreach methods on reengagement of tobacco users in a statewide cessation program. Author Katrina Vickerman, PhD, and colleagues, determined the percentage of participants who reenrolled in QUITPLAN Services or a phone cessation program, and whether differences depended on if

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New Infographic: Identifying Overweight and Obesity in Schoolchildren

A new article published in the May/June 2018 issue of the Journal of Public Health Management & Practice, which focuses on State and Local Obesity Policies, examines the prevalence of overweight and obesity in schoolchildren aged 6 months to 15 years old, in São Paulo state, Brazil. To assess nutritional status, author Fernanada Seyr Pozza, MD, and colleagues, calculated the body-mass

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