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Making the “Invisible” Visible: Battling Structural Racism Against Asians in the US

Editor-in-chief Dr. Lloyd Novick speaks with Dr. Naoko Muramatsu about Battling Structural Racism Against Asians in the United States: Call for Public Health to Make the “Invisible” Visible, an article which appears in a new supplement, Public Health Interventions to Address Health Disparities Associated with Structural Racism. Violence and discrimination against Asians escalated during the COVID-19 pandemic, fueled by slurs

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Role of Data in Promoting Diversity & Inclusion in Public Health Institutions of Higher Education

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by Gulzar H. Shah, PhD, MStat, MS; and Kristie C. Waterfield, DrPH, MBA Health Informatics Innovations and Applications highlights ways that health informatics innovations and applications are supporting stakeholders in public health practice and policy to advance their mission of improved population health. The series will also highlight innovations in health care informatics.  data diversity higher education In this podcast,

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Health Departments, Health Equity, and Intentional Inclusion

by Kaye Bender, PhD, RN, FAAN Focus on Accreditation and Innovation addresses current issues related to the Public Health Accreditation Board’s national public health department accreditation program, and the Public Health National Center for Innovations. This series highlights the experiences and perspectives of accredited health departments and explores topics related to the Standards and Measures, research and evaluation findings, and

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