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The Toll of COVID-19 on the Public Health Workforce: An Interview with Dr. Brian Castrucci

“We’re pushing all the chips into the middle of the table, and we don’t have strong cards… We’ve just had one of the worst pandemics in our history, and we are rolling back public health authority. It’s one of the worst decisions we could possibly make.” ~ Brian C. Castrucci, DrPH, MA In this episode of the Editor’s Podcast, I

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Infographic: How to Build a Pandemic-Ready Public Health System

A new commentary published in a special JPHMP supplement COVID-19 and Public Health: Looking Back, Moving Forward describes the limited capabilities of the US public health response to COVID-19. “Four Steps to Building the Public Health System Needed to Cope With the Next Pandemic” explains how our failure to invest in our nation’s state and local governmental public health infrastructure,

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The Editor’s Podcast: Developing a National Strategy to Combat COVID-19

by Lloyd F. Novick, MD, MPH The Editor’s Podcast with Dr. Lloyd F. Novick offers a closer look at the latest articles published in the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice, as well as discussions with public health leaders on related topics. In this episode of The Editor’s Podcast, I have the pleasure of speaking with the guest editors

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