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Governmental Public Health and Its Centrality in the US Public Health System: An Overview

Relatively little of our national conversation on health is about public health, which is right in line with our spending on public health; less than 3% of that spending goes toward governmental public health, ie public spending through federal, state, and local agencies and services provided by them. This post is also available on the Region V Public Health Training

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Following the Great Recession, Governments Spent More on Law and Order and Less on Health and Social Services

Meditations on the MPH

by Mac McCullough, JP Leider, Beth Resnick, David Bishai City and county governments play a major role in the funding and provision of a broad array of health, public safety, and social services in their communities. Although there is substantial federal and state spending in support of local activities, local governments are a main source of government spending in the

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