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Internal Equity Practices in State Health Agencies and Local Health Departments

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What does health equity look like in practice? This post describes the health equity efforts of a small sample of health departments and may serve as a model for other state and local health departments hoping to develop their own health equity plans.

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Dobbs v Jackson: Now Is the Time for Prospective Public Health Measurement

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Now is the time to set up to measure the impact of Dobbs v Jackson Supreme Court ruling within health departments. The Dobbs v Jackson Supreme Court ruling has shaken the foundations of public health in the United States (US). While we here at the University of Minnesota are physically located in a state with strong statutory protections for access to

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July 2022: Public Health Agencies Respond to Challenges

Editor in chief Lloyd F. Novick highlights new articles in the July/August 2022 issue of the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice. Our July issue contains an article by Zaugg and colleagues on abortion activities in health departments. This is certainly a timely subject. We are following up with a blog post on JPHMP Direct by these authors on

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What Should Public Health and Health Department Professionals Do in Preparation for Roe v. Wade Falling?

In the same way that health departments respond to other threats to public health, they should prepare to mitigate the public health harms we expect to be caused by these policy changes. In November 2021, along with colleagues, we authored a report (ahead of print) in the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice (see the full article now available

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Practice Report Summaries for the March 2022 Issue

JPHMP Practice Report Summaries for March 2022

Summaries of select practice articles published in the March 2022 issue of the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice. An Evaluation of Syndromic Surveillance Related Practices among Selected State and Local Health Agencies by Romano, Sebastian MPH; Yusuf, Hussain MD, MPH; Davis, Cassandra MPH; Thomas, Mathew J. MPH; Grigorescu, Violanda MD, MSPH This report focuses on the recent practices of

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Coming to Consensus on an Appropriate Role for Health Departments in Abortion 

Learnings from a 2-day virtual convening of health department professionals on public health actions related to abortion. Even when scientific evidence is clear, political controversy about a public health issue can make it difficult for public health agencies to know how to proceed. This has been very clear during the COVID-19 pandemic, as public health officials have feared backlash while doing

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AcademyHealth Call for Nominations

AcademyHealth Call for Nominations Are you interested in providing leadership to the field of Public Health Systems and Services Research? Is AcademyHealth on your conference circuit? If so, please consider nominating yourself to AcademyHealth’s PHSR Interest Group advisory committee! Your volunteer work will place you alongside your peers in the field to plan and develop engagement activities for the PHSR

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Why Performance Improvement Still Matters in Your Health Department

by David Stone, MS, CPTD The past year was one like most of us in public health have never experienced before. Certainly, much was learned about our public health practices. Some were upheld, others were revised, and still others were moments of growth. While there were plenty of issues to dissect from 2020, I’m going to start the year by

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