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Critical Viewpoints of Public Health Career Advancement: Podcast with Dr. Ans Irfan

Public Health Perspectives is a podcast series targeted towards strengthening the future public health workforce. Join us as we explore the narratives of public health care professionals and gain insight on career paths that shape the profession.  In this episode of Public Health Perspectives, I’m speaking with Dr. Ans Irfan, a public health scholar-practitioner currently based at Harvard University, where he is exploring

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Navigating the Peer Review Process as an Author: 10 Steps to Converting Your “Revise & Resubmit” into an Acceptance

In this second post of our three-part series on navigating the peer review process, we provide a 10-step process to convert your “revise & resubmit” into an acceptance.  At long last – after (im)patiently waiting for a determination on your manuscript submission, you receive an Outlook notification from the editorial office! You excitedly click open the email message, anticipating the

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