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Using Participatory Action Research to Overcome Public Health Obstacles

by Audra Gold I was first introduced to the Change Agents: Applying Cross-Sector Collaboration project as a graduate research assistant at Georgetown during the initial systematic review on cross-sector collaboration (CSC) literature in developing countries. Knowing that cross-sector collaboration is an effective method for achieving public health challenges, we thought that there would be a solid evidence base for CSC in developing

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Utilizing Cross-Sector Collaboration to Improve Community Health in an Urban Slum in Accra, Ghana

Grand challenges require grand strategies. We know that we need cross-sector collaboration to defeat complex development challenges. Our research introduces a model for cross-sector collaboration that supports local stakeholders who wanted to improve community health in Old Fadama, the largest slum in Accra, Ghana. This series will portray our project through a CUGH-Pulitzer winning video for Global Health Innovation, a

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