Cross-Sector Collaboration in Accra, Ghana

Grand challenges require grand strategies. We know that we need cross-sector collaboration to defeat complex development challenges. Our research introduces a model for cross-sector collaboration that supports local stakeholders who wanted to improve community health in Old Fadama, the largest slum in Accra, Ghana. This series will portray our project through a CUGH-Pulitzer winning video for Global Health Innovation, a personal account by the Principle Investigator Jessica Kritz explaining her perspective on cross-sector collaboration, a deep-dive into participatory action research overcoming public health obstacles, a short video and Q&A with the former Director of Public Health for the Accra Metropolitan Assembly, regarding why this project was successful compared to others, and a set of infographics that illustrate our roadmap to cross-sector collaboration. Our ongoing projects in Ghana suggest that cross-sector collaboration is a viable path to improving community health.

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