Utilizing Cross-Sector Collaboration to Improve Community Health in an Urban Slum in Accra, Ghana

Grand challenges require grand strategies. We know that we need cross-sector collaboration to defeat complex development challenges. Our research introduces a model for cross-sector collaboration that supports local stakeholders who wanted to improve community health in Old Fadama, the largest slum in Accra, Ghana. This series will portray our project through a CUGH-Pulitzer winning video for Global Health Innovation, a personal account of the community focused research and project implementation process by the Principle Investigator Jessica Kritz, a Q&A with the former Director of Public Health for the Accra Metropolitan Assembly, regarding why this project was successful compared to others, and a set of infographics that illustrate our roadmap to cross-sector collaboration. Our ongoing projects in Ghana suggest that cross-sector collaboration is a viable path to improving community health.

For additional information, visit Jessica Kritz’s website and the 2018 CUGH Conference.

About the Author:

Audra Gold, Global Health Research Associate for Georgetown’s Initiative on Health and Peace, provides strategic guidance for the cross-sector collaboration project in Accra, Ghana. She previously supported the publication of articles in The Lancet, The New England Journal of Medicine, and JAMA, for the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation. Audra holds a Master’s of Science in Global Health from Georgetown University.