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Now Is the Time for the Foundational Public Health Services

The conversation about the FPHS requires consideration of how they align with public health accreditation and how both can be used in transformation efforts. In a post-COVID-19 pandemic world, have you wondered what governmental public health will look like, how public health departments and practitioners can be best prepared to combat the next crisis, and how the field can continue

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Avoiding Unintended Consequences in Public Health: Ensuring that PHAB Accreditation Reduces Health Disparities Between Public Health Jurisdictions

It is vital to ensure that PHAB accreditation is accomplished in a way that maximizes its impact on health equity and does not systematically leave out jurisdictions. In our article titled, “An Analysis of How Characteristics of Local Health Department Jurisdictions Influence Involvement in PHAB Accreditation: Implications for Health Equity,” my colleague, Ashlyn Lipnicky and I set out to explore

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