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Podcast: Using Implementation Science to Promote Equitable HIV-Related Outcomes in the US and Africa

The second installment of this limited podcast series focuses on the value of implementation science for advancing health equity and how Dr. Donaldson Conserve, a Haitian scientist, is using his research to improve HIV/AIDS related outcomes in multiple countries including the US, Tanzania, and Haiti. Welcome to another episode of Health Equity in High Definition, a podcast series that showcases

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Implementation Science Podcast with Randy Schwartz and Justin Moore

Implementation Science Randy Schwartz

“[I]n the course of my career, I’ve really seen that there’s a strong mutual benefit for researchers and practitioners to work together and collaborate, particularly in… getting evidence-based work — public health research, tested interventions, things that are funded on a large scale for research and evaluation — in the literature; that’s really an opportunity for the practitioner to pick

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