What We Talk About When We Talk About Public Health Communications

JPHMP Public Health Communications

While many of us believe there’s a novel inside us, few will argue that telling a good story is much harder than it would seem. In fact, some of our most dreaded fears are inspired by standing in front of crowds and speaking. Worse yet is having to talk about ourselves and our projects, even when they’re important. It’s often said that communicating well is both an art and a science, and yet, while we don’t all claim to be experts, all of us are communicating practically nonstop, and at least for a good deal of the time, we’re doing so efficiently enough to conduct our lives. This series will look at the important role of communication in public health by talking to those who have studied the craft and know it best. We’ll share tried and true strategies from communications researchers and practitioners working in public health so that you can become more confident in your own abilities to network online, engage in social media, share and talk about your expertise, and put your research in front of news media, practitioners, and policy makers who can use it.

Sheryl Monks is the Editorial Associate of the Journal of Public Health Management & Practice. She manages JPHMP Direct. She holds a master’s degree in writing and a bachelor’s degree in English.

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