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Are You Being Exposed to Lead Poisons in Your Own Home?

by Michelle Haberstroh As a graduate student studying public health, I have always been interested in the role the environment plays in impacting health, yet I still wound up living in a home with lead-based paint. When I moved into a nice duplex here in Illinois two years ago, my landlords had the lease in hand, and rather than read

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#HDTweets: Ways in Which Twitter Can Be Used by Health Departments

by Jillian Regan, MPH This post originally appeared on the website of Rillian Consulting and is republished with the author’s permission. Twitter is a social media platform with 330 million active monthly users as of 2017 for sharing posts of up to 280 characters–as of November 2017; prior to November, the character limit was 140 characters–that can also include images,

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