PHAB in 2022: Our Efforts to Transform Governmental Public Health

By centering equity, modernizing data systems, and equipping our health departments with Foundational Capabilities to serve their communities, the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) is working to transform public health practice.

Public health departments have been in the spotlight, more than ever, for the past two years since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and have proved that they are vital to the health and safety of local communities. However, they have been underfunded, insufficiently staffed, and forced to operate with outdated systems that are not sustainable. We have the opportunity now to transform our governmental public health system to work for all communities. By centering equity, modernizing data systems, and equipping our health departments with Foundational Capabilities to serve their communities, the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) is working to transform public health practice.

PHAB has many initiatives underway to support health departments and transform public health practice and are excited about the release of Version 2022, Pathways and championing the Foundational Public Health Services. We hope you join us in learning more about these initiatives and contributing to public health transformation:

Version 2022 PHAB Standards & Measures
Public health services should actively promote policies, systems, and practices that create conditions where all people can thrive and remove structural barriers that result in health inequities. Version 2022 of PHAB Standards & Measures reflects this by emphasizing equity in all domains. Also, Version 2022 has streamlined requirements, updated preparedness requirements based on lessons from the pandemic, and few required documents for initial accreditation. After a comprehensive vetting period, PHAB is incorporating feedback into Version 2022 and will release the final version by early March.

There are two scheduled webinars for health departments to get more information on Version 2022:

    • Version 2022 Reaccreditation Webinar: February 23, 2022 | 1:00 pm ET | Register here.
    • Version 2022 Initial Accreditation Webinar: March 17, 2022 | 3:00pm ET | Register here.

Be sure to visit the Version 2022 webpage for ongoing updates and resources.

Pathways Recognition Program
The PHAB Pathways Recognition program supports performance improvement efforts, strengthens infrastructure, and facilitates accreditation readiness for health departments. Testing and development of Pathways is currently underway. PHAB is excited to share updates in the coming months so be sure to visit the Pathways webpage for updates.

Foundational Public Health Services
The Public Health National Center for Innovations at PHAB is home to the Foundational Public Health Services (FPHS) framework.  The FPHS framework outlines the unique responsibilities of governmental public health and defines the minimum set of services that must be available in every community. Several states are working to transform their governmental public health system using this framework as part of the 21C initiative. Foundational Capabilities are also identified and infused in Version 2022 and Pathways which strengthens accountability and ensures necessary services are provided within communities.

Transformation & Modernization
PHAB will be focusing comprehensively on transformation efforts, including the expansion of the 21st Century Learning Community (21C) and a focus on data modernization. We are supporting states in intentionally transforming and modernizing their governmental public health systems to create equitable systems and communities. We are currently recruiting for new states to join 21C to collaborate with key stakeholders, and impact transformation for the public health field. Visit the 21C webpage for more information.

The influx of federal funding, deeper commitments to health equity, and renewed energy around the role of public health presents an opportunity for transformation in public health at all levels. PHAB looks forward to continuing this work in collaboration with all our public health partners. Be sure to follow PHAB and PHNCI on Twitter and subscribe to the PHAB newsletter and PHNCI newsletter for updates.

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Janalle Goosby
Janalle Goosby, MBA, is the Communications and Public Affairs Specialist at PHAB. In this role, she develops, informs, and executes internal and external strategic communication plans and products. Prior to joining PHAB, Janalle held roles as a Communications Specialist at the Medical College of Wisconsin and the Health Communications Officer at the City of Milwaukee Health Department, managing internal, external and crisis communications. She holds a Master’s in Business Administration from Alverno College and an undergraduate degree in Life Sciences Communication from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Contact her at