The Editor’s Podcast: Prevention Strategies

by Justin B. Moore, PhD, MA, FACSM

The Editor’s Podcast appears with each new issue of the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice and offers a closer look at the articles published in the latest issues with guest appearances by authors, guest editors, and others.

COVID-19 has caused unavoidable but serious consequences related to delays in preventive care, missed opportunities for screening and treatment, and drastic declines in healthy lifestyle behaviors. Subsequently, diseases have gone undetected, treatments have been delayed, and diseases such as obesity have increased in prevalence. As such, conditions that had previously challenged the public health workforce have gained new traction, which will call for even greater resolve and dedication moving forward.

The March 2021 issue of the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice includes several articles that should aid in renewed efforts to address chronic diseases, a few of which I’ve outlined in an opening editorial you can read here or here.

While we persevere in the ongoing effort to eradicate COVID-19, it’s imperative that we maintain our prevention and control efforts for chronic diseases. For more on this topic, listen to the latest episode of the Editor’s Podcast.

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Justin B. Moore, PhD, MS, FACSM, is the Associate Editor of the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice and an Associate Professor in the Department of Implementation Science of the Wake Forest School of Medicine at the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, NC, USA. Follow him at Twitter and Instagram. [Full Bio]