PHAB’s Data Portal: A Platform for Exploring Health Department Performance Data

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by Jessica Kronstadt, MPP

The Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) Data Portal allows users to explore a unique set of data on health department capacity to deliver the 10 Essential Public Health Services. Data are available for health departments that apply for accreditation and are based on peer assessments of conformity with the PHAB Standards & Measures.

The portal makes aggregate, de-identified information available about how health departments have been assessed on individual PHAB measures, as well as groups of measures categorized by domain, standard, or theme. Filters allow users to compare groups of health departments based on health department type, region, population size, budget, FTE, structure, and membership in the Big Cities Health Coalition, among other filters.

This information has multiple audiences:

  • Accredited health departments have access to their own data, which they can compare with their peers.
  • Health departments considering accreditation can learn about accreditation requirements that have been challenging for health departments like them.
  • Entities that support health departments can identify areas where technical assistance may be most beneficial.
  • Researchers can begin to explore assessment data to determine if they would like to request a full data set for their studies.

In addition, the portal includes information on the topics for which accredited health departments are tracking population health outcomes. PHAB requires health departments to indicate these topics when they apply for reaccreditation and in each subsequent year.

We encourage you to explore this new site and to contact us at with feedback and suggestions. We are already planning additional enhancements to this site and welcome your ideas about how to make the site more useful.

Learn more

Learn more and explore the Data Portal with this brief video.

Read an analysis of PHAB’s population health outcomes reporting data to gain further insights about some of the data on the portal.

Jessica Kronstadt, MPP

Jessica Kronstadt, MPP, is the Director of Research and Evaluation at the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB), overseeing efforts to evaluate the accreditation program and to promote research to build the evidence base around accreditation. Previously, she has conducted research for NORC at the University of Chicago, the Public Health Foundation, the National Academy for State Health Policy, and the Urban Institute. She received her Master of Public Policy from Georgetown University. [Full bio].

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