Empowering Through Health: Podcast with Jade Conway

by Camelia Singletary, MPH

Public Health Perspectives is a podcast series targeted towards strengthening the future public health workforce by exploring the narratives of public health care professionals to gain insight on career paths that shape the profession. 

In this episode of Public Health Perspectives, I speak with Jade Conway, an MPH student at Saint Louis University. Jade’s work primarily focuses on maternal and child health, on both a domestic and global scale. Her most recent public health experience took her to Mpunde, Uganda. As part of Empower Through Health, she and her colleagues have had the opportunity to perform quantitative and qualitative community health needs assessments and focus group discussions to assist in understanding and prioritizing community needs and identified public health needs for the Buyende District and the catchment area of the Mpunde Health Center of rural eastern Uganda.

Jade Conway, MPH, recently graduated from Saint Louis University, with her Master of Public Health. Her primary field of interests are within Maternal & Child Health and Global Health. She integrates biological, demographic, epidemiological, developmental, environmental, behavioral, and social issues unique to the health and well-being of women, children, and families, on both a domestic and global scale. She has great interest in combining her passion of public health and social justice with mindfulness, meditation, and yoga practices to address root causes of negative health outcomes, such as toxic stress and trauma. In her spare time, you can find Jade outside hiking or on the yoga mat.

As a public health ambassador, Jade also spends her time passionately linking future and potential volunteers, interns, and staff to Empower Through Health’s organization and mission through art, science, collaboration, and communication.

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Camelia Singletary

Camelia Singletary, MPH, received her master’s degree in public health from the University of South Carolina in 2015. Her research interests include exploring the implementation of school physical activity programs in combination with nutritional components. She is also interested in analyzing the adoption of physical activity and healthy eating skills from a social-cognitive perspective. As a public health communicator at JPHMP Direct, she hopes to create linkages between evidence-based research, public health coursework, and health certification competencies.