Public Health Workforce Creativity and Innovation Podcast with Rachel Locke and Tiffaney Brown

JPHMP Direct TALK is a podcast series that explores the many voices of public health and brings listeners conversations that bridge the gap between research and practice. Today’s guests are Rachel Locke and Tiffaney Brown. Creativity and Innovation Podcast

Creativity and Innovation Podcast

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In this JPHMP Direct Talk feature, Rachel Locke, Program Associate at the de Beaumont Foundation, and Tiffaney Brown, Director of Staff Training and Development at the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC), join us to talk about creativity and innovation in the governmental public health workplace. This conversation stems from data captured in the 2017 Public Health Workforce Interests and Needs Survey (PH WINS). PH WINS is a national survey of state and local public health agency employees that captures detailed demographics as well as perspectives on issues such as workforce engagement, morale, training needs, and emerging concepts in public health. In addition to publicly releasing demographics and findings at the national level, PH WINS also provides state- and city-specific data to agencies to help them understand strengths, gaps, and opportunities to improve skills, training, and employee engagement. Creativity and Innovation Podcast

Creativity and innovation allow public health workers to generate transformative ideas that prompt different approaches to solving complex issues. However, fewer than half of public health workers say creativity and innovation are rewarded in their workplace. Research shows that fostering workers’ creativity may lead to increased worker satisfaction (including pay satisfaction!), and thereby help stem the flow of skilled workers out of the field of public health. (See Locke, et al.)

Creativity and Innovation Podcast

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During the course of the discussion, Rachel speaks about the 2017 PH WINS data, trends, and what it means for the public health workforce. Tiffaney discusses how they encourage creativity and innovation for employees at the South Carolina DHEC. This state regulatory agency is one of three hybrid health and environmental agencies in the state of South Carolina. Their core values include embracing service, inspiring innovation, promoting teamwork, and pursuing excellence. As a part of efforts to continually bring new ideas and skills to the department, the Leadership Excellence and Achievement Program (LEAP) was developed. Over the course of the program, future DHEC leaders come up with new ideas to improve the agency and engage in intensive training to develop their leadership skills.

For additional information you can access the Public Health Workforce Interests and Needs Survey 2017 supplement here. Creativity and Innovation Podcast

See also the PH WINS 2017 national findings from the de Beaumont Foundation. The foundation advances policy, builds partnerships, and strengthens public health to create communities where people can achieve their best possible health. Creativity and Innovation Podcast

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Creativity and Innovation Podcast

Rachel Locke, MPH, CPH

Rachel Locke, MPH, CPH, is a Program Associate at the de Beaumont Foundation. She manages grants across de Beaumont’s portfolios and assesses the impact of the Foundation’s programs. Rachel previously was the Health and Science Node Coordinator for the Cancer Free Economy Network. In this role, she researched health and scientific impact data about environmental carcinogenesis and worked with health professional and cancer organizations on cancer prevention initiatives that focused on decreasing exposures to toxic chemicals in our society. She earned her BA from the University of Virginia in Public Policy and Leadership (through the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy) and Environmental Thought and Practice. Additionally, she graduated from the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health’s Environmental Health Department with a Certificate in Toxicology.

Creativity and Innovation Podcast

Tiffaney Brown, MPH

Tiffaney Brown has recently joined Staff Training and Development as its director in 2018, she brings with her a wealth of experience and knowledge to the team. Tiffaney is a Certified Master Trainer, Certified Calocus Assessor, and a Licensed Chief Mental Health Professional. She holds a master’s degree and two post-graduate specialties. One from Harvard University in Management and Leadership in Education and another from Rutgers University in Neuroscience. She has over 20 years of executive experience having worked in the private sector, higher education, and state government. Upon graduating with her masters’, she owned and operated a diversity training company consulting with fortune 250 companies throughout the country. Tiffaney worked as the Quality Assurance Director for the department of Mental Health; acting as the corporate compliance officer and overseeing several departments to include CARF accreditation and Medicaid billing.

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