Infographic: Opioid Abuse Prevention and Treatment: Lessons from South Carolina

A report published in the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice, “Opioid Abuse Prevention and Treatment: Lessons from South Carolina,” describes several legislative and nonlegislative strategies being considered in South Carolina for addressing the opioid crisis. Lead author Jason F. Arnold and his colleagues assess the strengths and weaknesses of these proposals and how they compare with other states that have also implemented response plans, examine the scientific literature to determine best practices for treating patients who are currently taking opioids, and discuss alternative approaches to pain management. The authors make several recommendations to improve upon South Carolina‘s opioid abuse prevention plan, such as engaging communities and encouraging multi-stakeholder collaboration to expand access to treatment, particularly among the most vulnerable populations. The infographic below provides a convenient summary for practitioners and policy makers.

Download a PDF of this infographic: Opioid Abuse Prevention and Treatment Lessons from SCOpioid Lessons SC Infographic

Opioid Abuse Prevention and Treatment: Lessons from South Carolina

Arnold, J.; Arshonsky, J; Bloch, K; Holzman, E; Sade, R.

Journal of Public Health Management and Practice: May/June 2019-Volume 25-Issue-p xx-xx
doi: 10.1097/PHH.0000000000000897

Jason F. Arnold, JD, MPH

Jason Arnold, JD, MPH, is the director of global health programs, operations, and special projects at the NYU College of Global Public Health. He has been studying and publishing in the field of medical ethics and health policy for over 20 years, previously completing a post-doctoral fellowship at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC).  In addition to his work on the opioid crisis, his current research involves studying emerging technologies and examining the best practices for training clinical research ethics consultants.

Before joining NYU in 2016, Mr. Arnold previously worked as an attorney in New York City specializing in health law, intellectual property, and patent law.

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