New Review of JPHMP’s 21 Public Health Case Studies on Policy & Administration in March Issue of AJPH

book review AJPHJPHMP’s 21 Public Health Case Studies on Policy & Administration by Lloyd Novick, Cynthia Morrow, and Carole Novick, a collection of real-world scenarios of public health professionals overcoming challenges and the policy interventions that led to success, is reviewed in the March issue of AJPH

Julie Kornfeld PhD, MPH, writes in “A Case for Real-World Thinking” :

“Lloyd Novick and his collaborators offer detailed descriptions of 21 actual scenarios written by the players engaged in the messy and complicated work of public health. The range of topics and diversity of settings make for a rich tapestry of voices that paints a vivid picture and, in Novick’s words, casts students ‘as decision makers.'”

Kornfeld cites one of the case studies in the book, “Health in All Neighborhoods: The Story of an Independent Grocer as a Public Health Leader,” as “an honest rendition of the challenges and sensitivities of fostering collaboration among stakeholders while taking into consideration the needs and perspectives of individual community members.”

Elsewhere, she writes: “One area of clear added value provided by this book is case presentations that highlight the interdisciplinary nature of public health and thus foster important dialogue about the challenges and opportunities of such work. The 64 contributing writers are real-life actors who convene to analyze evidence, find common ground, and develop solutions across multiple sectors.”

To read the entire review, see “A Case for Real-World Thinking” in the March issue of AJPH.

To order a copy of JPHMP’s 21 Case Studies on Policy and Administrationvisit Wolters Kluwer.

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