Top 18 Stories of 2018

As 2018 comes to a close, we’re reminded of how much new content we added to our lineup this year on JPHMP Direct. Our list of author resources saw a new video tutorial How to Use the “Writing in Boxes for Scientific Journals” elearning Module as well as four additional tutorials on writing. We also added student resources and introduced three new podcast series: JPHMP Direct Talk, Public Health Perspectives, and the Editor’s Podcast with Dr. Lloyd Novick. We added new infographics on Identifying Obesity in Schoolchildren, Prescriber Perceptions of a Naloxone Program, Reengaging Tobacco Users in Statewide Cessation Services, Effectiveness of Dual Dispatch to Cardiac Arrest Policy, and Spices as a Potential Source of Lead Exposure. New videos include interviews with Dr. Amy Eyler, Dr. Jay Maddock, Dr. Daniel Bornstein, and Dr. Simpson Boateng as well as two videos addressing the opioid epidemic. We highlighted the work of two new supplements on the Impact of Public Health Accreditation and Injury and Violence Prevention. Last but not least, we added seven brand new columns, including Preventing America’s Next Drug Epidemic, PhD Hacks, Public Health Pracademics, Backstories in Epidemiology, Big Cities Health Coalition, Health Informatics Innovations and Applications, and Management Moments: Interviews with Public Health Leaders

We have big plans for 2019 as well, including Boots on the Ground: Narratives from Today’s Public Health Workforce, plus lots more. Thanks for joining our community and helping us advance population health in 2018. We look forward to working with you in the new year!

Until then, here’s a list of our top 18 stories of 2018:

  1. Students Who Rocked Public Health 2017
  2. Five Things to Know About CDC’s 6/18 Initiative
  3. A Career in Research Proves More Rewarding than Student Alexandra Peluso First Imagined
  4. Spotlight on Dr. Valerie Yeager
  5. Spotlight on Dr. Philip Musa
  6. Preventing Intimate Partner Violence: Integrating Routine Screening Into Primary Care
  7. Med Student Explores the Connection between Physical Healing and Spirituality
  8. Preparing for the Certified Health Education Specialist Exam: Podcast with LaTonya Bynum
  9. Student Helps to Stamp Out Smoking at Sporting Events in Ireland
  10. MPH Student Documents the Lives of Stone Breakers in India in New Film
  11. Increasing the Number of Advance Directives in the United States
  12. Connecting the Dots: State Health Department Approaches to Addressing Shared Risk and Protective Factors Across Multiple Forms of Violence
  13. A New Strategic Planning Index for Injury and Violence Prevention
  14. Utilizing Cross-Sector Collaboration to Improve Community Health in an Urban Slum in Accra, Ghana
  15. Standing Up for Breastfeeding Promotion: A Q&A with Dr. Scott Krugman
  16. The World’s Deadliest Poison
  17. Creating a Writing Habit
  18. Introducing Management Moments with Public Health Leaders: An Interview with Gene Matthews, JD

What was your favorite story this year? Tell us in the comments section below. And be sure to subscribe to keep up with stories as they publish. 

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  • Nirmalendu sahoo

    I like MPH Student Documents the Lives of Stone Breakers in India in New Film…. Great work

  • I like MPH Student Documents the Lives of Stone Breakers in India in New Film….it was very inovativ ….real situation of tribal woman and there children.

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