Who Rocked Public Health in 2018? You Tell Us

Who Rocked Public Health 2018

Students Who Rocked Public Health 2018

For the past two years, we have featured students rocking public health in our popular monthly series of the same name with a year-end review of a final group of students whose projects tackled some of the most pressing public health challenges that year. This year, we’d like to let you weigh in by nominating the students you feel who have made great contributions to advance population health in 2018.

Here’s How

Simply email us with the name of 1-3 students, a brief description of the students’ project(s) and how it/they helped to advance population health in 2018, along with each student’s email address. 

The Rules

All nominees must be currently enrolled students pursuing an undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral degree in public health or a related field. Projects may be ongoing but should have gotten underway in 2018, not before. Projects may involve groups of other students. Ideally, projects will have tackled some of the most pressing public health issues in 2018, but projects that addressed ongoing public health concerns are equally important and welcome. Nominations must be received by Dec. 15, 2018.  Faculty, advisers, mentors, and classmates are all eligible to nominate up to 3 students. Final decision will rest with the editors of the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice who will select up to 10 students to feature on JPHMP Direct at the end of December/beginning of 2019. Selections will be based on the following: timeliness and urgency of the public health issue addressed, level of success achieved, overall impact of the project, and level of inclusiveness and diversity. Nominees who are not selected for the year-end review will be considered for a monthly spotlight later in 2019.

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Nominate up to 3 students who rocked #publichealth in 2018 for the @JPHMPDirect year-end review. #studentswhorockedpublichealth2018 Send nominations by Dec. 15. Guidelines: https://wp.me/p7l72S-3oC

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It’s that time again. JPHMP Direct is looking for students who rocked public health in 2018. And this year, you can help decide. Send nominations by Dec. 15. Click the link for full guidelines. https://wp.me/p7l72S-3oC

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